Joe Bova led us in the Salute to the Flag.
Vance Thompson introduced guests and visiting Rotarians.
Guest of Sharon Daly was Kevin Daly, guest of Jacquelyn Gargano was Alicia, Husam Hishmeh's guest was Raul Mercado. Visiting Rotarians were Marta Brown, D.G Scott Phillips & Jan Phllips.
Carin Kally donated our Opportunity Drawing which was a bucket of Irish themed items including a bottle of Irish Whiskey.
Jerry Dannenberg took attendance today, Rich Stewart was our greeter and Dave Anderson ran the front desk.
Husam Hishmeh gave our Inspirational Message.
President Joe thanked Margarida Eidson for the slideshow on the TV screens.
President Joe reminded everyone to review the bylaw changes to be voted on at the next in person meeting.
Next week we will be meeting at the St Patrick’s Day celebration at Topa Topa Brewery.
Happy $’s: Carin Kally, Kathy McGee
The next board meeting will be March 20th.
The St Patrick’s day parade is March 10th, be at Cabrillo Middle school about 9:00 am.
Sell tickets to the St Patrick’s Day event! Jacquelyn Gargano let us know that she had some color flyers and tickets available.
Bruce McGee and D.G. Scott Phillips inducted Nancy D’Atilio into the club.
Bruce McGee presented Jerry Dannenberg, Derek Eidson, Chuck Ferguson & Jacquelyn Gargano with their Blue Badges.
DG Scott Phillips & PEN Dawn Knowles managed to wear matching shoes!
District Chief of Staff Bruce McGee introduced Group 7 Rep Margarida Eidson to introduce District Governor Scott Phillips.
Rich Stewart conducted our raffle and the lucky winner was DGE Marta Brown.