l-r Back row Amy Bailey, Executive Director Ventura Family YMCA, Rich Stewart, Harriet Clune, Joe Bova
Front row Carin Kally, Jeff Hata, Margarida Eidson
It was a cold and chilly night, but the Rotary Club of Ventura East was present at the Ventura Family YMCA's final report night for their 2023 annual campaign. The $6,000 donation from our club helped the YMCA raise over $250,000 in the month of February to support the YMCA's Open Doors program. The Open Doors program is meant to allow membership to everyone regardless of their ability to pay for a membership.
Started in 2010 as Operation Splash, the Rotary Club of Ventura East has made a donation between $5,000 & $6,000 to support a program to provide Learn to Swim Lessons to underpriviledged youth in our community the opportunity to learn to swim as well as gain socialization skills that they may not learn in their situations. Since 2010 the program has expanded from just swimming to other sports that the youth may be interested in participating in.