Jerry Dannenberg led us in the Flag Salute.
President Carin’s announcements:
Thank you Charles Ferguson for Greeting, Bruce McGee for running the front desk, Bill Spellman for taking attendance and Cal Magro for donating our Opportunity Drawing Prize, a $50 universal gift card.
Adonis Campillo has reluctantly resigned from the club due to his new job. Hopefully he can come back soon.
Jacquelyn Gargano gave our Inspirational Message.
President Carin presented Cameron DeJong with a $500 sponsorship of the International Football Showcase.
Bruce McGee spoke about the St Patrick’s Day fundraiser coming up on March 17th at Topa Topa Brewery.
Tim Hughes announced we had 86 applicants for scholarships. 58 of those are graduating seniors! The scholarship presentation day will be May 28th.
Club social will be at Yolanda’s.
April 3rd we are having a joint meeting with Downtown and South for a presentation of the Bernard Osher Philanthropist of the Year Award to the Rotary Clubs of California.
April 11th we will have a Student of the Quarter Presentation.
Avenues of Service Chairs, please complete your District Awards sheet. One of the criteria is Polio+. If you can donate $100 per year, please see President Carin.
The Ventura Family YMCA has sent us a thank you letter for our donation for Operation Ventura.
Walks coming up:
  • April 21 – Walk For Kids
  • April 28 – Aut2Run
  • May 18 – Walk to Cure Arthritis
Our speaker today was Laura from Sonny Horses 4 Kids.
Happy $’s: Laura, President Carin, Harriet Clune,
Our opportunity drawing winner was Dawn Knowles.