We were led in the Flag Salute by Jacquelyn Gargano.
President Carin thanked the greeter and Steve Harbison for helping at the front desk.
Thank you for the bottle of whiskey donated by Adonis Campillo for our Opportunity Drawing.
Jacquelyn Gargano announced that the Walk for Kids Kick off will be in the Ventura Room in a few weeks.
 Feb 8th 5 -7
Ventura South will be doing their Mardi Gras fundraiser. We can get a table. Let President Carin know if you would like to attend.
Tim Hughes announced that the City Center Fundraising banquet will be at Palazzio Event Center.
Inspirational message was given by Jeff Hata.
Today’s program was a club assembly! Thank you for everyone who attended!
Past President Margarida announced that our PEN for 2025-26 will be Kathy McGee!
Bruce McGee spoke about membership. To do some of our events, we need more people in the club, so please invite.
Happy $’s: Jacquelyn Gargano, President Carin
Rich Stewart conducted our opportunity drawing and the lucky winner was Judy Hoag!